Medical Staff Association

What is the Medical Staff Association?

The Medical Staff Association is comprised of physicians and hospital staff members who work closely together to ensure the highest quality of patient care. Meet the dedicated individuals who make up the Association and learn about their roles in advancing healthcare in the Kamloops region.
The RiH MSA is an elected board governed by directors.

The current directors are:
Drs. Kaveri Gupta (President),
Fatima Allibhai (Vice-President)
Keeve de Villiers (Treasurer)

The elected directors:

  • attend and advocate at local medical advisory committee meetings
  • represent staff in conflict situations
  • work collaboratively with the Royal Inland Hillside Physician Association (RIHPA) and IH administration to move forward on projects
  • MSA Quarterly meetings and membership appreciation efforts such as social events and recognition
  • continuing medical education programming and CME event

Our CME Co-chairs are:
Dr. Remy Wong,
Natalie Manhard NP(F)


Thank you to our MSA board members and our CME co-chairs for their ongoing championing of the MSA programs.

Who to contact for assistance?

The interim MSA coordinator is Anita Cranston, who can be reached at or via telephone: 403.803.3722 for all MSA & CME related questions.