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NOTICE is hereby given of an extraordinary general meeting of the Royal Inland Hospital Physician Association to take place at the Medical Staff Association quarterly meeting:

JUNE 18, 2020
5 PM
(due to covid-19 Restrictions)

The extraordinary general meeting is being held to consider changes to the Constitution and Bylaws of the Royal Inland Hospital Physician Association, needed to include the physicians at Tertiary Hillside Centre in Association activities.

These changes are required to incorporate the name change from Royal Inland Hospital Physician Association to Royal Inland and Hillside Physician Association.

The attached special resolutions to amend the Constitution and Bylaws respectively will be discussed and voted on.  A 2/3 vote of the Association members present at the meeting is required to pass the resolutions.  A quorum is 5 voting members.  Please note:  Physician Only Members of RIHPA are eligible to vote.

The Doctors of BC approval is required for these changes and has been given.

If anyone would like to see a black-line comparison of the existing constitution and bylaws with the proposed changes highlighted, please email Erin McGarvey at


Royal Inland Hospital Physician Association
Dr. Joslyn Conley, President
Dr. Shawn Pun, Vice-President
Dr. Tochi Anyansi, Vice-President Hillside

Directors of the Association
Erin McGarvey
Program Director

The Physicians of the Tertiary Hillside Centre and the physicians of the Royal Inland Hospital wish to join together in the Society, to undertake the Society’s endeavors on behalf of both medical staff of Royal Inland Hospital and the medical staff of the Tertiary Hillside Centre.

Special Resolution is required prior to this amalgamation and voting members will be by Royal Inland Hospital Physician Association Physician members.  Please note only Physicians are eligible to vote regarding RIHPA business.

Thank you

Special Resolution to Amend Constitution and Bylaws with Schedules A & B

Black-line Constitution (incorporating Hillside Changes)

We are also asking the medical staff to review the
new branding/logos concepts for RIHPA
(Royal Inland & Hillside Physician Association)

Please cast a vote for your favorite!
Please note: all background images/colors are only to show how the logo will look on certain background images and colors.


Please review LOGO Concepts by CLICKING HERE


Royal Inland Hospital Physician Association

Our vision is to be a leader in quality, patient centered care, education and research through cohesive, shared decision making, collaboration and continuous improvement.

The Royal Inland Hospital Physician Association is comprised of all physicians on staff at Royal Inland Hospital in Kamloops.  The Association aims to advance opportunities, and to enhance physician engagement within the hospital, the Health Authority and the healthcare system at large.

The Association seeks to create opportunities for its members to collaboratively participate and express their views on matters that are important to them contributing to the development, prioritization and achievement of Interior Health plans and initiatives.  The ultimate goals being improved quality of care for patients & their families and an improved working environment for facility-based physicians.

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