Member Information

Do I have to pay my RIH Medical Staff Association dues? 

If you have RIH privileges..yes you do!

Medical Staff Rules Part I “16.6 Membership Dues: All members of the Medical Staff shall pay annual membership dues as applicable for their facility. Membership dues shall be determined by a vote at the Annual Meeting on the recommendation of the elected officers of the Medical Staff.”

Current MSA dues, as per last voting is: $187.50 for NP’s, MP’s and Associate physicians and $300 for Active physicians and dentists.

*Section 16 of the Medical Staff Rules Part I is devoted to MSAs, as attached here

When do we Meet?

Medical Staff Association quarterly meetings take place 4 times annually at RIH. These dinner meetings take place on the last Thursday of the month, most commonly in March, June, September and November. The September meeting is also the RIH MSA & RIHPA  AGMs. All voting takes place at the AGM.

We also have a sprinkling of collaborative social events throughout the year.

We meet at RIH continuing medical education sessions, either in-person or via zoom, dependent upon the content and speaker. We are always looking for topics of interest and local speakers to champion updates and new resources across the field of medicine. If you have a suggestion, please share with us.

Have a question or issue, please reach out to Anita, the MSA coordinator and she will answer or direct you to the appropriate director to assist you (