Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leader in quality, patient-centered care, education and research through cohesive, shared decision making, collaboration and continuous improvement.

The Royal Inland Hospital and Hillside Physician Association is comprised of physicians on staff at RIH and Hillside. The Association aims to advance opportunities, and to enhance physician engagement within the hospital, the Health Authority and the healthcare system at large.

The Association seeks to create opportunities for its members to collaboratively participate and express their views on matters that are important to them contributing to the development, prioritization and achievement of Interior Health plans and initiatives. The ultimate goals being improved quality of care for patients & their families and an improved working environment for facility-based physicians.

Our Vision

Our physicians have access to the resources and support they need to meet the needs of our patients in TCS in a healthy, happy, and productive work environment

Our Mission

We are an association of physicians for physicians, supporting them to deliver excellent clinical care.

Our Values

Throughout our organization, we strive to adhere to the following principles:


Core Services

We work to support and meet the needs and interests of our physicians through delivery of the following:




Physician Recruitment

Strategic Areas of Focus

Our association is committed to advancing healthcare through strategic focus areas that prioritize the needs of our patients, our members, and our community. By working together and focusing our efforts, we aim to improve the quality of care and create a brighter future for healthcare in our region.


Strengthen physician advocacy and collaboration with Interior Health, Doctors of BC and Ministry of Health

Recruitment and Retention

Improve recruitment and retention of physicians in departments and service areas in crises.

Specialty Programs

Initiate, develop and grow specialty programs at RIH that serves the needs of patients and families and improves the efficiency and quality of care.

Physician Leadership

Provide physicians opportunities to participate in education, research and leadership development.


FEI Definition of Physician Engagement
Active interest and participation of physicians in organizational and system change and improvement activities.

What is the impetus for the Facility Engagement Initiative (FEI)?

  • The Ministry of Health and Health Authorities were interested in facility-based physicians contributing to system improvements
  • A precedent was set by Divisions of Family Practice
  • There were positive results associated with the work of the Joint Collaborative Committees
  • There was a history of Physician engagement in Health Authority redesign initiatives funding since 2010/11
  • There was a correlation between physician engagement and initiative success

Why Physician Engagement?

  • “Physician leadership and physician engagement are essential elements of high-performing health care systems…”
  • “Physician engagement does not happen on its own…”
  • “A key variable for success in these approaches to physician involvement is trust between physicians and organizations…”

Source: “Exploring the dynamics of Physician Engeagment and Leadership for Health Systems Improvement” (Denis et. al, 2013)

Differences between the MSA & RIHPA

  • Operates in accordance with Health Authority Rules & Bylaws
  • Membership – Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Midwives, Dentists

– Act in an advisory and liaison role to local MAC*, COS** and administration
– Provide neutral oversight for medical staff in disciplinary action, if requested
– To administer staff fees for projects/programs of value to the medical staff

To represent medical staff as per Medical Staff Bylaws

Generated by MSA dues

President, Vice President, Secretary/Tresurer

Yearly Stipend

Programs Funded
Admin Staff
Social Events
Quarterly Meetings

  • Operates in accordance with Societies Act
  • Membership – Physicians
  • Receives and allocated Facility Engagement funding

– Improve physician engagement
– Receive input from physicians to improve processes locally and regionally
– Support physicians

To represent physicians in accordance with SSC

Doctors of BC annual funding

President, Vice President, Secretary/Tresurer

“Gate” funding

Programs Funded
Quality Improvement Projects (physician led)
Quarterly Meetings

Four selected Directors for RIHPA act as Executive members for the Medical Staff Association. This allows for fluid information flow and program planning between the two entities.

Meet Our Team

Our dedicated team of healthcare professionals is the driving force behind our association’s success. Meet our program director and coordinator, who are committed to delivering exceptional care and advancing the mission of our association.

Karen Vogel

Karen Vogel

Program Director

Anita Cranston

Anita Cranston

Program Coordinator