Facility Engagement Initiatives Application Form


Increasing support for facility-based physicians is a first of its kind initiative in Canada—resulting from the new 2014 Physician Master Agreement between Doctors of BC and the Provincial Government. A key piece of the agreement is the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Regional and Local Engagement signed by all the Health Authority CEOs. The MOU provides support and funding to medical staff associations to facilitate discussions among physician groups or departments on issues that range from patient care improvement to improving communication and consultation with Health Authority Administration. This funding will be used to pay physicians for their time, hire staff, and support prioritized projects and initiatives.


To invite medical staff to identify and submit initiatives for consideration and funding.
Initiatives do not necessarily have to be large in scope – the intent is to identify initiatives impacting physicians and patient care and bring forward solutions. Initiatives may range from no-cost proposals to change how some work is done to the larger issues that have significant impact resources and capital.

Submission Requirement

Your proposal must address the following:

  1. Define the situation you wish to address.
  2. Identify all areas that resolution to this issue would affect. (e.g. patients, physicians, nursing, etc.).
  3. Include relevant background information and describe the current situation.
  4. Describe the option(s) available to address the issue and its advantages and disadvantages. Include benefits to patient care, physician work environment or physician satisfaction.
  5. Indicate possible steps that could be taken to improve the issue (if known).
  6. Submit complete forms to RIHPA@facilityengagement.ca  – a confirmation of submission will be sent to you.

Review Process

The Royal Inland Hospital Medical Staff Association Committee will review all submitted initiatives.
A scorecard will be utilized to rank the initiative and may call upon the author of the proposal to present or provide additional information if necessary.  The author will receive notification of the status of the application within 8 weeks from date of submission. The Royal Inland Hospital Medical Staff Association Committee will keep a list of ongoing proposals and encourage medical staff to review existing proposals so as not to duplicate efforts.  If your request is approved, you will be required to provide quarterly status updates on the progress of your initiative to the Working Group.  Projects that are not showing progress toward completion will be re-evaluated for ongoing funding.  Funds allocated are only available until March 31st of the current fiscal year.

As per the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Regional and Local Engagement, Facility Engagement funding cannot be used for the following:

  1. Advertising except for physician recruitment ads
  2. Compensation for clinical services
  3. Purchase of real estate and vehicles
  4. Purchase of clinical equipment
  5. Donations to charities or political parties
  6. Meeting attendance that is presently required as part of maintaining privileges
Provide a concise statement of the issue that you are attempting to address.
Identify all areas that this issue would affect.
Please specify if you selected "Other" in the Areas of Impact
Summarize the relevant background information (i.e., what led up to this issue? how has it evolved?) and describe the current situation.
Describe the option(s) available to address the issue and its advantages and disadvantages – including benefits to patient care or physician work environment and how (if applicable) you will incorporate the patient voice into the initiative.
Provide a proposed budget for initiative. For example, projected number of sessional hours required; whether staff (data analyst, project manager, etc.) would be required and for how many hours.
What are the projected outcomes of this project (ex. increased physician engagement, enhanced communication with the Health Authority, increased patient safety, etc.)?
What strategic goals will be met through this initiative? Please check all that apply.
Please provide your name, specialty and preferred contact information.