The snow just kept falling creating the perfect backdrop to our incredible second Sun Peaks Continuing Medical Education event.  There were nothing but smiles on the faces of our medical staff and their families this weekend.   
From the incredible line up of guest speakers to the evenings mingling, the weekend was pretty fantastic!  A huge shout out to our guest speakers, to Divisions and RIHPA and their incredible staff for organizing and planning this successful weekend. 
Thanks to those brave souls who shared their hidden talents and sang in our Karaoke Evening! 
Check out some photos of the weekend above!


Dr. Graham Dodd ~ Emergency Preparedness for Physicians

Naomi Jensen, Andrea Burrows and Karen Maiwald ~ Inspiring a Better Healthcare System Through the Patient and Provider Voice

Dr. Vanbric Casilla ~ Preventing Acute Kidney Injury and Preserving Renal Function in Chronic Kidney Disease

Dr. Liz Parfitt ~ Dermatological Presentations of Infectious Diseases

Dr. Kiley Cindrich, Dr. Remy Wong, Mandy Kennedy and Jeannine Jubinville ~ Highs and Lows of Diabetes: From New Diagnosis, to Perioperative, to Palliation

if you have any questions about the CME portion of this event please contact our CME Coordinator, Natrisha at