Community specialists are very concerned about obtaining PPE and as such we have been actively advocating for our specialists. There are some private suppliers with limited stock, but otherwise health authorities will be trying to provide PPEs for us. Please see the relevant Health Authority contact below and let us know if you are still struggling to obtain PPE supplies. 
Interior Health: Logistics Section Chief for IH EOC IHEOCLogistics@interiorhealth.ca
PHSA: Will supply anyone on medical staff IHEOCLogistics@interiorhealth.ca with PPE for their Community Practices. No contact information provided

Weekly CME Grand Rounds have resumed via ZOOM
For Zoom Invites or CME Information
please click below:


JUNE 2, 2020 ~ Dr. Paul Dagg ~ Physician Wellness Across the Life Span

JUNE 9, 2020 ~ R2 Resident Research Presentations

JUNE 16, 2020 ~ R1 Resident Research Presentations

JUNE 23, 2020 ~ Dr. Alan Jackson ~ Rabies

JUNE 23, 2020 ~ R1 Resident Research Presentations

SRRP Feedback letters

  • Letters will be emailed on Friday, May 22
  • In addition to the letter, the email will also include a one pager highlighting FE funded results in the Interior,  a compilation of success stories from around the province and a feedback survey for those who participated in the process (PMs, MSA executives, HA partners)
  • ACTION – please include some time on your next WG agenda for your FEL to review the letter with the group

Supporting Virtual Care Resources:

New one-stop information source supports physicians in re-opening offices

  • Written by physicians for physicians, “The Doctor is In: Recommendations for expanding in-person care in community-based physician practices” compiles official guidelines for re-opening offices into a one-stop source of information. Find it here.

MSA Information Sharing Agreement
Interior Health has created a query for the MAAs to pull the physician emails to share with the MSAs. There are a few caveats/limitations with the query:

Reappointments were deferred for 6 months due to COVID. Many were completed already and some sites have chosen to continue with them now so just be aware that some aren’t complete and that might skew some sites report.
The physician has checked that they agree to have their preferred email shared with the MSA
The physician has Active, Provisional, Consulting, or Associate privileges for that site. The query does not include locums and temporary. IH had to do it this way because the information sharing agreement does not specify or allow us to share their privilege category with the MSA so we came up with this as a way to narrow the query.
·The physician’s specialty is omitted

  • ACTION – if you would like the physician emails for your sites, please reach out to your local MSA

Temporary Staff Accommodation during Covid19 Emergency

  • The MOH has developed and implemented a temporary staff accommodation policy to assist staff during the Covid pandemic
  • Staff must be:
    • health care providers, health service providers, support staff working in ancillary services within health care, mental health and substance use
    • working in active COVID patient care or be assigned to a key COVID response role.

Physicians must apply for support through the designated process managed by IHA.

COVID-19 Guide to Home-Based Health & Wellness

Dr. Tchajkova, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist at RIH has asked that we distribute the Covid-19 Guide to Home-Based Health & Wellness.
This guide is to help with the transition to home-based activity after being in the hospital with COVID-19, or if you are self-isolating at home with suspected or confirmed COVID-19.  The guide is intended for a wide audience and is not intended to replace specific medical advice that has been given.