COVID-19 Guide to Home-Based Health & Wellness

Dr. Tchajkova, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist at RIH has asked that we distribute the Covid-19 Guide to Home-Based Health & Wellness. 
This guide is to help with the transition to home-based activity after being in the hospital with COVID-19, or if you are self-isolating at home with suspected or confirmed COVID-19.  The guide is intended for a wide audience and is not intended to replace specific medial advice that has been given. 

Weekly CME Grand Rounds have resumed via ZOOM
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FE Financial Management for Covid-19

Click here for examples of some MSA COVID activities
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Provincial Update PPE

  • Doctors of BC continues to work with Government at the provincial level on the ongoing issue of PPE planning and distribution.
  • Global supply chains remain stretched by the COVID-19 crisis and access and supply for community based specialists and family physicians remains a significant concern
  • DoBC has raised these concerns with the Ministry and HAs for resolution
  • PPE supplies are coordinated at a provincial level through the Provincial Health Services Authority and distributed to Health Authorities and specific questions on supply and processes must be directed to the PHSA.
For physicians working in hospitals, PPE supplies and distribution are managed by the Health Authority. Supplies are distributed to hospitals and departments based on PPE standards recommended by the Provincial Health Officer.


Webinar on Navigating COVID-19 Financial Support

  • Doctors of BC and MD Management is holding a webinar to assist physicians to navigate the financial supports, federal and provincial stimulus measures  and resources for physicians.  Physicians that are members of Doctors of BC will have received an email invitation.


New on the COVID-19 Webpage

Office-based primary care: Safety for your patients, your staff, and yourself 
For those of you who connect with community physicians (family physicians and community specialists), we encourage you to get the word out about this online session that takes place May 14th at 7 pm.  Information and registration is available here.  

FAQ added to Business Cost Premium /telehealth news item
If you are getting questions about the Business Cost Premium expansion to telehealth, we have updated our article to include some tips on how to apply for BCP and other questions physicians are asking. The article can be found here.

Surgical Renewal Plan

  • The province will launch an extensive surgical renewal plan that will include calling patients, adding new capacity, and hiring and training staff.
  • The number of postponed non-urgent surgeries of 30,000, combined with the 24,000 new surgeries, is a substantial backlog to address. The impact is greater than anything faced by BC’s health system.
  • The new plan aims to ensure the health system can clear the COVID-19 backlog over the next 17 to 24 months.

Provincial survey launched on pandemic response


A province-wide survey, “Your Story, Our Future” was launched by the government seeking feedback from the public that will help the government as it plans to ease restrictions while ensuring people remain safe. It will also help the government understand the impacts of COVID-19 to date (social, economic, mental wellness and community wellness).

Rural CME
The first issue of the RCME Community Program newsletter is attached.

Temporary Staff Accommodation during Covid19 Emergency

  • The MOH has developed and implemented a temporary staff accommodation policy to assist staff during the Covid pandemic
  • Staff must be:
    • health care providers, health service providers, support staff working in ancillary services within health care, mental health and substance use
    • working in active COVID patient care or be assigned to a key COVID response role.

Physicians must apply for support through the designated process managed by IHA.