RIHPA is committed to keeping our medical membership up-to-date with important information and updates regarding the COVID-19 situation.  We are aware that you may be receiving this information from multiple sources, but we believe it is important to communicate this out to ensure all members are receiving this important information and links.
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FE Financial Management for Covid-19
Click here for examples of some MSA COVID activities
Click here to access COVID FEI Funding Best Practices
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Specialist Services Committee Members:

The WRAP – Summary of Key Issues Relating to Covid-19:

The Wrap is a summary of Specialist Services Committee (SSC) meeting discussions that goes out to SSC members after every Committee meeting. This summary focuses on the issues raised around COVID-19, as well as some positive innovations and opportunities in response to the pandemic for specialist physicians.

SharedCare Funding

Shared Care funding can be applied for to support COVID-19 related work. Please contact to your Division Executive Director or Sarah Forster, SharedCare Liaison, at sforster@doctorsofbc.ca


DoBC is advising that physicians speak to their accountants about their eligibility for government COVID funding relief programs.  The CMA MD Management tool is a useful tool for physicians:  https://www.cma.ca/cma-update-coronavirus

COVID-19  testing expanded for COVID-19 were released on April 23, 2020. Click here. They suggest testing should be done on everyone with new respiratory or systemic symptoms compatible with COVID-19, however mild. Physicians and other health care providers can also order a COVID-19 test for any patient based on their clinical judgment.

We did something a little different in our Doctors Making a Difference series of physician profiles. We are highlighting the work of medical students who are going above and beyond to support health care workers who are on the front lines of patient care during COVD-19. 

There have been a lot of inquiries about Specialist’s obtaining PPE for their offices.  We are asking those physicians who do not already have an IH Cost Centre (for example out-patient clinics), to get in touch with Shelley Breen (Divisions) to discuss how to obtain PPE.  Shelley may be reached by email at:


Thank you to the Divisions who have been a
very valuable resource for information!

We have also received information on a local retired orthodontist’s son’s company who has been involved in the manufacturing of Covid Shields for Reception Areas. 
Please click the image to the right to review the ORDERING CATALOG

Kamloops Primary Care Respiratory Assessment Clinic now open  
The Thompson Region Division of Family Practice and Interior Health have collaborated on a Primary Care Respiratory Assessment clinic located in the Northills Centre.  As per COVID-19 processes, most primary care providers are now talking to patients by phone or video link before seeing them.  If you feel that certain patients have significant respiratory symptoms and should be seen by a provider wearing PPE this clinic is an option. There are several memos included as links below: